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 The mission of LUIN InterRealm is to provide a revolutionary approach to determining the factual nature of what is real, and how that real can affect what it means to be human at all stages of progressive development. What we offer is not a philosophy or an ideology. It’s a deep examination of reality as an ever evolving ramification structure. We provide a variety of perspectives as we take on the lies and distortions that have kept the majority of the human race groping about in an intellectual twilight for thousands of years, and as the future unfolds, we'll be partnering with other like-minded educational entities to improve on our ability to serve in larger and more comprehensive ways.

        Being human is the greatest and the most difficult opportunity that exists as real and irrevocable. It's also the one opportunity that can never be lost by those so blessed. We know that everyone learns in their own way, and we know that everyone has their own way of combining what they've learned into greater levels of insight and ultimately wisdom. It can never be hopeless for the human being, and if this one fact is all that our effort cements as true and eternal, then Earth's own human race will be that much closer to realizing the enormous gift of simply being human within the whole of reality, and LUIN InterRealm will have been a resoundingly successful venture.

Our Mission Statement

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