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Serving the Paranormal Research Community With Free Content


In pursuit of our mission to provide our species with a revolutionary approach to determining what is real, and how that real can affect what it means to be human at all stages of progressive development, we offer educational content in a range of published media; the most comprehensive being print and digital books.

     For those engaged in research of the paranormal, we offer four free digital books focused on the practice of applying the science of a 19th century  paradigm to research that directly violates that specific paradigm. This is the most important purely scientific pursuit being conducted, with the future of our species’ developmental trajectory dependent upon its evolutionary progression.

    For those pursuing the ultimate deep dive into what’s real, how reality progressed from literally nothing to become a vibrant relationship matrix, and how the human being fits into it all as reality’s ultimate expression of successful survival, “AutoGenesism: A Rational Theory of Everything” is the thoroughly comprehensive examination that bridges the quantum with the cosmological in a way that reveals them both to be intimately aligned with the world that sits within reach of the average student.

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